Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chiavari Chairs

Chiavari Chairs gives an elegant touch to any function. We rent them out individually (for function in halls or ballroom) or as a package with our canopies. Till the end of 2009 we are offering a very special rental price. Call us for further info or email us at

Paper Lanterns

The latest trend in decorations now are paper lanterns. They create a very fun and whimsical atmosphere without looking too childish like balloons. We have used them to decorate weddings and parties, we hanged them at our canopies, on trees and even on our table umbrellas (will try to post that picture soon). Our paper lanterns are imported from USA and comes in a rainbow of colours (we have even used black paper lanterns for a wedding earlier this year). We also bring in battery operated paper lanterns for those tricky wiring area (such as tables and hard to reach trees). Call us if you like to order these paper lanterns, as it is flown in there is a minimum order.

Photos courtesy from The Photoz